2017-18 Combinatorics & Complexity Postdocs


Deadline for full consideration: December 1, 2016 
Website for application: https://academicpositions.harvard.edu/postings/7206
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During academic year 2017-18, the Harvard Center of Mathematical Sciences and Applications will be hosting a Special Year on Combinatorics and Complexity.  This year will be organized by Noga AlonBoaz BarakJacob FoxMadhu SudanSalil Vadhan, and Leslie Valiant.

Combinatorics and Computational Complexity have enjoyed a rich history of interaction leading to many significant developments in the two fields, such as the theories of NP-completeness, expander graphs, pseudorandomness, and property testing. Lately these fields have seen many new points of intersection such as in the development of the polynomial method (used, for example, in recent advances on the cap-set problem as well as in development of optimal list-decodable codes), the method of interlacing families of polynomials (yielding Ramanujan graphs and the resolution of the Kadison-Singer problem), and the theory of randomness extractors (yielding explicit constructions of Ramsey graphs).   This special program will bring together experts in the fields to collaborate, to learn about the latest advances in the area, and to forge new connections. The special program will include a series of workshops in the intersection of the two fields, as well as public lectures.

The four workshops will be on Additive CombinatoricsAlgebraic Methods in CombinatoricsProbabilistic Methods in Combinatorics, and Coding and Information Theory.

As part of the special program, CMSA will host several visitors and/or postdocs.  Postdoctoral candidates should apply at the Harvard Aries website. Candidates will need a CV, research statement, and at least three reference letters. To ensure full consideration, the complete application (including reference letters) should be submitted by December 1, 2016.


Questions about this program should be sent to the organizers through the CMSA Administrative Coordinator, Sarah LaBauve (slabauve@math.harvard.edu).